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Calling All Course Testers!

Beta Testers Wanted
After 15+ years of private practice in Arvada, Colorado, I’ve been urged and prompted to share my practice knowledge to a wider audience!  The best way to accomplish this in a cost effective manner was to design a series of courses that can be delivered online through multiple video modules and supporting workbook materials.  I’ve been hard at work completing the first course:

Moving from Self Sabotage to Self Actualization

This course will be the first in the “Road to Growth” series that will cover a wide range of personal growth mechanisms and routines that I’ve used successfully over the years in my private practice.
I’d like to ask a big favor of you:  I need to get feedback on my material before I roll it out to a wider audience and start charging for the course!    I’m in need of 5 to 10 beta testers.  If you would consider being one of my beta testers, it would be greatly appreciated and I’ve put together some freebies for you below:

In exchange for your time reviewing and giving your feedback, you will get:


»A free copy of the final version of the course ($199 value)
»A free copy of the next course that I create (another $199 value)

»A $10 Starbuck gift card to enjoy some coffee while reviewing the course!