Using Brainspotting to Heal from Emotional Pain


Using Brainspotting to Heal from Emotional Pain Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Do you ever find yourself staring off when talking about a difficult memory or situation? Have you noticed that you seem to be staring or gazing in a particular spot, say off the left or maybe up toward the ceiling [...]

Using Brainspotting to Heal from Emotional Pain2021-05-25T18:41:14-06:00

Hypnotherapy in Denver


Hypnotherapy in Denver Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Do I need hypnotherapy? If you have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, difficulty concentrating or fatigue If you have school or work performance problems If you struggle in relationships If you merely feel irritable, un-happy, and believe you are not getting the [...]

Hypnotherapy in Denver2021-03-21T17:17:44-06:00

Trauma Informed Care – Mental Health First Aid


Trauma-Informed Care - Mental Health First Aid Author:  Jenna DeRosa, LPCC  What is Trauma? Trauma is defined as an event or experience that causes psychological distress to an individual. Trauma is deeply personal to each individual that you come across. Some experiences that deeply impact one person, may not impact another. There are the [...]

Trauma Informed Care – Mental Health First Aid2021-03-21T10:51:33-06:00

Suicide: Fact vs Fiction


Suicide: Fact vs Fiction Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  When it comes to topics within mental health, conversations can seem difficult to have, whether it be because of the stigma surrounding mental health, the weight of mental health on those who face it every day or their loved ones, and/or just the fact that [...]

Suicide: Fact vs Fiction2021-03-21T10:22:02-06:00

Understanding Teens and Self-Harm


Understanding Teens and Self-Harm Author:  Alexa Ashworth - MFTC  Teens and Self-Harm When helping teenagers recover from self-harm it is important to understand why they do it.  Not every teenager is the same and there is no simple answer.  However, through supporting and listening to the root causes of why teens start to [...]

Understanding Teens and Self-Harm2021-03-21T09:56:29-06:00

Trauma Counseling in Denver


Trauma Counseling in Denver Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC Have you or a loved one experienced a traumatic or stressful life event? Do reminders of the past bring back painful, disturbing, heart-wrenching memories? Are you feeling stuck, helpless, and unsure where to turn? Do you have difficulty connecting to others? Do you feel overwhelmed [...]

Trauma Counseling in Denver2021-03-21T17:14:41-06:00

Anxiety Counseling in Denver


Anxiety Counseling in Denver Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet [...]

Anxiety Counseling in Denver2021-01-21T19:30:51-07:00

Post Traumatic Growth


Post Traumatic Growth Author:  Jenna DeRosa, LPCC  Trauma is an experience or event that causes emotional distress to an individual. What a traumatic event is differs among each person. The period after the event is where the distress can occur. Oftentimes this can lead to PTSD for an individual, where they experience a number [...]

Post Traumatic Growth2021-01-21T19:41:06-07:00

Using Hypnosis in Psychotherapy


Using Hypnosis in Psychotherapy Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC  Working with my own hypnotherapist changed my life!  (Thanks Pam!) Letting go of negative behaviors and beliefs paved the way for my personal growth journey. After a very painful few years that included the loss of my Mom after a long, ugly struggle with [...]

Using Hypnosis in Psychotherapy2021-01-21T19:46:18-07:00

You’re not losing your mind, it’s grief!


You're Not Losing Your Mind, It's Grief! Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC     The COVID Grief Wheel Recovery Exercise As the world as we know it comes to a screeching halt, many of us are left wondering, now what?  When will our lives return to normal? What will the new normal look like? [...]

You’re not losing your mind, it’s grief!2021-01-21T19:55:59-07:00
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