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How to Build a Support System


How to Build A Support System Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Isolation is a major cause of depression in adults. As we move into adult responsibilities: work, parenting,  marriages, we tend to let our relationships fade into the background. You may not be exposed to groups of people in your daily life like [...]

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What Is Resiliency?


  What Is Resiliency? Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Resilience is referred to often in emotional wellness circles but typically without adequately describing the importance of having or attaining this quality. Any challenging life circumstance that creates a flood of emotion and a perceived loss of control can challenge our ability to cope. [...]

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Can PTSD be Cured?


Can PTSD be Cured? Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Chronic PTSD results from prolonged exposure to traumatic events and an inability to manage the symptoms of PTSD. PTSD does not get better with time alone and medication has shown limited positive impact on resolving trauma. A traumatic event is unchangeable. The event [...]

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