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Love Over a Lifetime


Love Over a Lifetime Author:  Sheila White, MFTC  Does a couples’ love feel different over time? Early in a relationship couples are “high”  on each other. Love is exciting, all-encompassing. Your partner is absolutely perfect. Life is perfect. And it is a beautiful thing. This love. Being together. Exploring each other. As time goes [...]

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How Do You Practice Good Sleep Hygiene?


How Do You Practice Good Sleep Hygiene? Author:  Sheila White, MFTC  Personally, I think sleep “hygiene” sounds like you need dental floss or something. Hygiene? Who came up with that? How about: Suggestions for helping your body and mind relax when you are getting ready for bed. I tell people that late at night [...]

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Don’t Stop Believing!


Don't Stop Believing! Author:  Sheila White, MFTC  ♪ “Don’t Stop Believing”   ♪   Journey put out this song in 1981, and it is still an awesome song. It is also a great mantra for the times when you are trudging-along-moving-closer to your goal. At least you hope you are moving closer to your goal. [...]

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Meaning Making


Meaning Making Author:  Sheila White, MFTC  Meaning Making: the process of how people understand or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self.  We see our life and the events that occur in our life through the lens of our beliefs and values.  Our first set of beliefs and values are learned from [...]

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Relationship First Aid


Relationship First Aid Author:  Sheila White, MFTC  Remember this is a temporary situation. This is a time of uncertainty and upheaval. Each of us processes information differently. Feelings of anxiety, grief, depression, and sleep disturbances are common. Give each other permission to feel their feelings. Give each other permission to feel “ Not OK” [...]

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