Using the Five Love Languages


Using the Five Love Languages Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern , Stephanie Camins, LPC Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, wrote this book known to millions today on how partners can become better attuned to one another.  Too often people seeking out a direction for the future of their [...]

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The Power of Self-Care


The Power of Self-Care Author:  Morgan Blair - MA, Intern   My partner Erik and I like to joke that when it comes to our relationship, we each have our areas of strength. I am the one who is good with money, while he has a talent for organizing – be it fitting our mountain [...]

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The Challenge of Change


The Challenge of Change Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know where to start? Tired of starting new things only to quit midway through? I often hear clients say, “I have been through so many challenges and heartache in my life, I do not know where to begin”.  My [...]

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CBT and Depression


CBT and Depression Author: Jaime Grainger - MFT, Intern   Every year about 7% of the population will experience depression. Depression can often include feelings of worthlessness or guilt, experiencing hypersomnia or insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, having a hard time making decisions, decreased motivation, and suicidal thoughts. While these symptoms can leave one feeling helpless [...]

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Grief During the Holidays


Grief During the Holidays Author:  Morgan Blair - MA, Intern   Every year closes with an endless abundance of expectations. From holiday parties, to decorations, to family gatherings, to concerts, shows, shopping, gifts, donations, and so much more.  It is normal to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. The holidays are a time of year where we [...]

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Why Premarital Counseling?


Why Premarital Counseling? Author:   Taylor Roach - MA, Intern, Stephanie Camins, LPC  Are you thinking about or preparing for marriage with your partner? How ‘ready’ do each of you feel to take on this lifelong commitment? Do you know your partner’s process when it comes to disagreements? Are you aware of your own reactions [...]

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Gratitude: The Secret Ingredient to Happiness


Gratitude:  The Secret Ingredient to Happiness Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC          The experts have weighed in and their findings are astounding!  Gratitude equals happiness.  That’s a bold statement but the studies agree unanimously that people who practice gratitude regularly are happier. And why not, they experience a host of benefits. [...]

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Is my relationship in trouble?…10 signs that you might be headed for a breakup?


Is my relationship in trouble?...10 signs that you might be headed for a breakup? Author:  Jaime Granger - MFT, Intern   At some point in their lives, most people will experience a breakup. It’s no secret that intimate relationships often go through ups and downs. Annoyances and disagreements from time to time can be common. [...]

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Facing Depression in a Relationship


Facing Depression in a Relationship Author:  Taylor Roach - MA, Intern   What is Depression? Depression is expressed in varying ways for each person – sometimes, it is very noticeable and sometimes, it is deeply hidden.  Being able to recognize it in yourself or your partner can be difficult.  If you are unsure, it may [...]

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