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How do I stay motivated?


How Do I Stay Motivated? Author:  Kate Pauley - MFTC  Are you having trouble staying motivated and getting things done?  Firstly, know that you’re not alone.  Both kids and adults are struggling to stay productive while working and schooling from home.  Luckily, the concept of intrinsic motivation may help you to get motivated and [...]

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How to Stop Overreacting


How to Stop Overreacting Author:  Kate Pauley - MFTC  The Line of Choice There is a concept called “the line of choice.”  The line of choice represents the choice that we have to move from “reaction” to “response.”  When we go into reaction, we go below the line.  We go into emotions like shame, [...]

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Experience Awe and Change Your Life


Experience Awe and Change Your Life Author:  Kate Pauley - MFTC  Awe-Inspired Mindful Moment Think back to the last time you experienced ‘awe.’  Where were you?  What scene could you see?  What sounds could you hear?  What did you feel in your body?  Take a few moments to close your eyes to picture and [...]

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How Do I Use Love Languages to Support Others?


How Do I Use Love Languages to Support Others? Author:  Kate Pauley - MFTC  We are living through some challenging times.  Things are uncertain, our lives have been flipped upside down, and we have been forced to create a new normal.  In this uneasy world, it can be difficult to remain positive.  This is [...]

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