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Stress vs Calm – The Ultimate Show-Down


Stress vs Calm Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that everyone, everywhere, at some point and time has experienced stress. Whether it be work stress, relationship stress, or everyday stress, they all have one thing in common: they are not enjoyable to experience. Calm on the [...]

Stress vs Calm – The Ultimate Show-Down2021-01-21T19:28:59-07:00

Why Counseling Is Cool!


Why Counseling is Cool! Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  Okay, people, it’s time we start to change the narrative around mental health and going to counseling. Why is it that everyone takes great pride in taking steps to improve their physical health, but when it comes to mental health and improving our mental and [...]

Why Counseling Is Cool!2021-01-21T19:32:04-07:00

The Power of Hope


The Power of Hope Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  Hope. This word holds different meanings in different spaces for different people. What is hope and what does it mean? According to Charles Snyder, hope is “a positive cognitive state based on a sense of successful goal-directed determination and planning to meet these goals”. In [...]

The Power of Hope2021-01-21T19:32:50-07:00

Passion vs. Purpose


Passion vs. Purpose Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  Pop quiz: what is the difference between passion and purpose? If you struggled to come up with an answer, don’t be discouraged. These two concepts are not easily differentiated and sometimes people try to create meaning by doing something they are passionate about (which isn’t at [...]

Passion vs. Purpose2021-01-21T19:40:28-07:00

Tips for Managing Challenging Relationship Dynamics


Tips for Managing Challenging Relationship Dynamics Author:  Hannah Aslin - MAC  It goes without saying, but interpersonal relationships can be difficult to maintain and keep a strong grasp on. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, but a lot of it has to do with dynamics in relationships hitting a rough spot [...]

Tips for Managing Challenging Relationship Dynamics2021-01-21T19:43:03-07:00

10 Mental Wellness Tips that will Change Your Life


10 Mental Wellness Tips that will Change Your Life Author:  Hannah Aslin, MA Candidate  If you ask anyone outside of the counseling field which is more important: physical health or mental health, more often than not people would say that the key to being healthy is maintaining your physical health. Although there has [...]

10 Mental Wellness Tips that will Change Your Life2021-01-21T19:51:33-07:00