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The Challenge of Change


The Challenge of Change Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know where to start? Tired of starting new things only to quit midway through? I often hear clients say, “I have been through so many challenges and heartache in my life, I do not know where to begin”.  My [...]

The Challenge of Change2020-01-07T16:22:30-07:00

CBT and Depression


CBT and Depression Author: Jaime Grainger - MFT, Intern   Every year about 7% of the population will experience depression. Depression can often include feelings of worthlessness or guilt, experiencing hypersomnia or insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, having a hard time making decisions, decreased motivation, and suicidal thoughts. While these symptoms can leave one feeling helpless [...]

CBT and Depression2019-12-18T12:49:25-07:00

Is my relationship in trouble?…10 signs that you might be headed for a breakup?


Is my relationship in trouble?...10 signs that you might be headed for a breakup? Author:  Jaime Granger - MFT, Intern   At some point in their lives, most people will experience a breakup. It’s no secret that intimate relationships often go through ups and downs. Annoyances and disagreements from time to time can be common. [...]

Is my relationship in trouble?…10 signs that you might be headed for a breakup?2019-10-15T19:16:22-06:00

Art in Trauma Therapy


Art in Trauma Therapy Author:  Morgan Blair - MA, Intern   “Art makes the invisible visible.” Paul Klee The Brain and Trauma Before a discussion of how art therapy is beneficial to clients that have experienced trauma, an understanding of how traumatic memories are stored in the brain needs to be established. Developments in neurobiology [...]

Art in Trauma Therapy2019-10-10T13:37:36-06:00

Facing Depression in a Relationship


Facing Depression in a Relationship Author:  Taylor Roach - MA, Intern   What is Depression? Depression is expressed in varying ways for each person – sometimes, it is very noticeable and sometimes, it is deeply hidden.  Being able to recognize it in yourself or your partner can be difficult.  If you are unsure, it may [...]

Facing Depression in a Relationship2019-10-02T19:52:25-06:00

EQ: Emotional Awareness in Teens


EQ:  Emotional Awareness in Teens Author:  Jenna DeRosa   EQ vs IQ EQ is a measure of your ability to recognize both yours and other peoples emotions, interpret emotions, regulate emotions, and manage other peoples emotions.  “This means being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to [...]

EQ: Emotional Awareness in Teens2019-09-24T19:50:05-06:00

Quick and Easy Ways to Control Anxiety


Quick and Easy Ways to Control Anxiety Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   When an individual is suddenly exposed to a threatening situation there is an increase in adrenaline levels resulting in rapid breathing and heart palpitations. These reactions integrate and activate stress hormones. Stress hormones in turn increase the blood glucose level, this [...]

Quick and Easy Ways to Control Anxiety2019-04-10T17:05:39-06:00

Stress and Relationships


Stress and Relationships Author:  Taylor Roach - MA, Intern   Coping with Stress and Why it is Important to Experience Stress in Relationship Coping with stress, especially when stress is experienced by each person in a partnership, can seem overwhelming!  Here are some things to know and tips to combat the negativity and brokenness that is [...]

Stress and Relationships2019-07-14T15:46:53-06:00

The Narrative Therapy Approach


The Narrative Therapy Approach Author:  Taylor Roach - MA, Intern   Narrative therapy is a way for people to empower themselves and live the life that most aligns with how they want to be.  It empowers the client to take the lead in their own therapy and toward change. The narrative therapy approach is also [...]

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Affordable Counseling Program


Affordable Counseling Program Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Road to Growth Counseling is happy to announce our new affordable counseling program.  As the clinic director, I am always searching for ways to help more people find their path to mental health and wellness.  I began this practice as a sole practitioner in [...]

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