How to Handle Panic Attacks


How to Handle Panic Attacks Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   How do I manage panic attacks? Every one of us suffers through anxiety at different times, but a full-blown panic attack can be the most severe experience of anxiety. Panic attacks are something many of us will face at some time in our [...]

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Destructive Emotions 101


Destructive Emotions 101 Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC     As humans, we all have a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative, helpful and destructive. In order to have control of our emotions, we have to take control of destructive emotions. By that, we don’t mean suppressing them or ignoring them, but [...]

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Burnout: Taking Stress to the Next Level


Burnout:  Taking Stress to the Next Level Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Burnout syndrome is a response to chronic or sustained stress which may be job-related, but there are many exceptions. This syndrome causes physical and mental problems that prevent you from maintaining your routine and lifestyle. The disorder is more common in [...]

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Handling the Unexpected


Handling the Unexpected Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Life happens no matter how much we plan ahead… Do you ever feel personally defeated or frazzled due to plans not unfolding as they should?  Have you been promised something and last minute had it fall through? or had something spectacular planned for someone else [...]

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The Power of Self-Care


The Power of Self-Care Author:  Morgan Blair - MA, Intern   My partner Erik and I like to joke that when it comes to our relationship, we each have our areas of strength. I am the one who is good with money, while he has a talent for organizing – be it fitting our mountain [...]

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The Challenge of Change


The Challenge of Change Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know where to start? Tired of starting new things only to quit midway through? I often hear clients say, “I have been through so many challenges and heartache in my life, I do not know where to begin”.  My [...]

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Art in Trauma Therapy


Art in Trauma Therapy Author:  Morgan Blair - MA, Intern   “Art makes the invisible visible.” Paul Klee The Brain and Trauma Before a discussion of how art therapy is beneficial to clients that have experienced trauma, an understanding of how traumatic memories are stored in the brain needs to be established. Developments in neurobiology [...]

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Facing Depression in a Relationship


Facing Depression in a Relationship Author:  Taylor Roach - MA, Intern   What is Depression? Depression is expressed in varying ways for each person – sometimes, it is very noticeable and sometimes, it is deeply hidden.  Being able to recognize it in yourself or your partner can be difficult.  If you are unsure, it may [...]

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EQ: Emotional Awareness in Teens


EQ:  Emotional Awareness in Teens Author:  Jenna DeRosa   EQ vs IQ EQ is a measure of your ability to recognize both yours and other peoples emotions, interpret emotions, regulate emotions, and manage other peoples emotions.  “This means being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to [...]

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