Alexa Ashworth

Handling the Unexpected


Handling the Unexpected Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Life happens no matter how much we plan ahead… Do you ever feel personally defeated or frazzled due to plans not unfolding as they should?  Have you been promised something and last minute had it fall through? or had something spectacular planned for someone else [...]

Handling the Unexpected2021-01-21T20:00:40-07:00

Using the Five Love Languages


Using the Five Love Languages Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern , Stephanie Camins, LPC Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, wrote this book known to millions today on how partners can become better attuned to one another.  Too often people seeking out a direction for the future of their [...]

Using the Five Love Languages2021-01-21T20:01:36-07:00

The Challenge of Change


The Challenge of Change Author: Alexa Ashworth - MFT, Intern   Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know where to start? Tired of starting new things only to quit midway through? I often hear clients say, “I have been through so many challenges and heartache in my life, I do not know where to begin”.  My [...]

The Challenge of Change2021-01-21T20:02:51-07:00