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What makes a healthy relationship?
Why do people abuse relationship boundaries?
Setting emotional boundaries in relationships.

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What makes a healthy relationship?
Why do people abuse relationship boundaries?
Setting emotional boundaries in relationships.

Get Your Free e-book: Boundaries in Relationships

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Uses client specific assessments and treatment plans to develop goals focusing on decreasing maladaptive thought and behavior patterns and increasing adaptive coping and life skills. Individual therapy focuses on lifespan development through all ages children, adolescents and adults.​

Family therapy incorporates all members of the family to improve communication, increase problem solving and conflict resolution strategies in order to improve the family dynamics and bond.

Couples counseling focuses on improving conflict resolution, communication, and intimacy issues, guiding couples to rebuild and improve the quality of their relationship.

Parent training focuses on instructing parents in positive discipline techniques. Whether working with married parents, divorced co-parents, step parents or blended families, working on a shared plan to discipline and provide developmentally appropriate routines and structure for children and teens is important in their important in their growth.

Mediation is a positive way to resolve important disputes . The mediation process seeks to find a “win-win” solution for both parties who agree to work voluntarily for a mutually satisfying agreement. Successful mediation protects the relationship in the process of solving difficult family problems. Mediation services offered include: parenting time, minor decision making, elder care, and adult family conflicts involving step families, in-laws, and parent/adult children disputes.

In play therapy, toys are the child’s words and play is the child’s language (Landreth, 2002). Using play therapy, therapists help children learn more adaptive behaviors to improve emotional-modulation, resolve trauma, address social skill deficits, improve communication and problem solving. Play therapy provides an avenue for young children to express their experiences and feelings in a safe and neutral environment.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an integrative form of therapy focusing on processing distressing events and memories, correcting distorted thinking styles, and eliminating negative emotions and behaviors caused by unresolved issues. EMDR uses an 8 phase treatment model aimed at the resolution of traumatic and adverse life experiences through the use of standardized set of procedures and clinical protocols.

Hypnosis is the method a therapist uses in conjunction with therapeutic work.  The therapist acts as a guide taking clients to a deeper level of the subconscious than they could normally achieve on their own. In this state, the client is highly suggestible, allowing the therapist to then deliver appropriate positive suggestions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy identifies unhelpful patterns of thinking, behavior and emotional regulation.  Clients learn specific coping skills to change thought patterns and behaviors which lead to improved emotional states of being.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy approach that teaches skills including mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotion regulation.

Telemental health provides counseling from a distance via online conferencing. The client and therapist are in two different locations using a secure interface for sessions.  The benefit to doing therapy remotely includes convenience and increased accessibility to services.  You simply need access to the internet and a private location.

There are several models of Clinical Supervision including developmental, psychotherapy based, and integrative models.  I follow most closely the developmental model.   Supervision moves from most directive to least directive as a counselor in training develops knowledge and increases their skill base.  Areas of supervision include:

  • intervention
  • skills competence
  • assessment techniques
  • interpersonal assessment
  • client conceptualization
  • individual differences
  • theoretical orientation
  • treatment goals and plans
  • professional ethics

Supervision is tailored to meet the needs of each counselor’s experience and skill level.

Affordable Counseling Program

Road to Growth Counseling is happy to announce our new Affordable Counseling Program. Our clinic has partnered with Northwestern and Regis Universities to train and supervise advanced graduate interns.

Our masters-candidate clinicians offer a low-cost, high quality counseling option for those seeking psychological services including individual, couples, families, children, adolescents and groups.  They provide counseling for, depression, anxiety, grief, stress management, relationship issues and more.

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Social Media and Your Teen

Social Media and Your Teen Author:  Jenna DeRosa   The Emotional Impact Social Media If you ask any teenager how social media impacts their life, most will tell you, positively. It is the primary access to their social world.  It allows them to feel more connected to their friends. In fact, 91% of young people use the internet for social networking. For all the positives teens list, many question the additional [...]

How much alcohol is too much? When should this be addressed in the therapy room? When should you speak up?

How much alcohol is too much? When should this be addressed in the therapy room? When should you speak up? Author:  Jenna DeRosa   Have you noticed yourself drinking more than usual? Needing a glass or two of wine after work? Did one glass of wine turn into needing the whole bottle? Finding yourself looking forward to that drink after your long day? But, when is drinking a problem [...]

What is the Difference Between a Licensed Professional Counselor, an Intern Therapist, and a Registered Therapist?

What is the Difference Between a Licensed Professional Counselor, an Intern Therapist, and a Registered Therapist? Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC) must hold a Master's degree in their profession and have two years and 2,000 hours Post-Master’s supervision by a licensed professional in direct client/patient care. Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (MA, LPCC) must hold a Master’s degree and is working towards licensure under [...]

What is Telemental Health?

What is Telemental Health? Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Telemental health is simply receiving therapy through electronic means whereby the client and clinician are in two different locations.  Video sessions are accessed through a secure video conferencing platform.   After assessing for a good fit for this form of counseling, I will provide you with log in information to the system.  I use Counsol for video sessions as [...]

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How to Build a Support System

How to Build A Support System Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Isolation is a major cause of depression in adults. As we move into adult responsibilities: work, parenting,  marriages, we tend to let our relationships fade into the background. You may not be exposed to groups of people in your daily life like when you were younger. Many of us have jobs that are isolating. The trend to [...]

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What Is Resiliency?

  What Is Resiliency? Author:  Stephanie Camins - MA, LPC   Resilience is referred to often in emotional wellness circles but typically without adequately describing the importance of having or attaining this quality. Any challenging life circumstance that creates a flood of emotion and a perceived loss of control can challenge our ability to cope. Resilience is the human ability to rebuild or come back from difficult situations. We all [...]