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Setting Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship e-book

  • What makes a healthy relationship?
  • Why do people abuse relationship boundaries?
  • Setting emotional boundaries in relationships.

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Affordable Counseling Program

Road to Growth Counseling is happy to announce our new Affordable Counseling Program. Our clinic has partnered with Northwestern and Regis Universities to train and supervise advanced graduate interns.

Our masters-candidate clinicians offer a low-cost, high-quality counseling option for those seeking psychological services including individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and groups. They provide counseling for depression, anxiety, grief, stress management, relationship issues, and more.

Performance Neuro-Counseling

Many of us have heard of executive coaches, life coaches, or high-performance coaches. No matter the format or strategies used, the goal of all coaching is to improve performance. These forms of coaching, however, often fail to get to the root of the problem which often lives just below our conscious minds.

Here’s where Performance Neuro-Counseling comes in. Using a combination of interpersonal neurobiology, EMDR, CBT, and hypnotherapy techniques for peak performance, the Brain Flow Model, developed by Ms. Camins, taps into more of your brain’s power.

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Our therapists have a range of experience along with specialized training to help you get the most out of therapy. You can rest assured that your mental and emotional health is in expert hands.

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